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Industrial and Commercial

Providing Everything You Need

Image by Drew Beamer

 Electrical Contractor 

At Finbar Hoare Electrical Limited we have a broad range of experience in industrial
and commercial electrical works. Whatever your specific needs, we are committed to helping
clients plan and execute their testing, maintenance and installation of projects in a professional
Our electricians pride themselves on providing efficient, reliable service to businesses.
We deliver our services safely, efficiently and within budget, and are always on hand to
provide advice and recommendations for ongoing and future works.
Finbar Hoare Electrical Limited has a wide range of experience in providing electrical services
to the industrial and commercial sector, including schools, shops, nursing homes,
offices, workshops and warehouses.
We provide everything from fault finding and general repairs to specialised periodic
inspection and power analysis reports, structured cabling and 3 phase power system installations.
We can work alongside large and small scale industrial organisations to provide a safe and
reliable service that you can rely on. 

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