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Fire Alarm Maintenance

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Fire Alarm Mainenance

It is a requirement that all fire alarms are serviced on a quarterly basis.
Quarterly service visits shall be scheduled to occur at least 4 times in the year. It is
recommended that during the quarterly service visits a percentage of the input devices are
tested so that by the end of the annual period all devices have been tested and adequate
records have been maintained to guarantee that 100% of the devices have been suitably
tested. On completion of the testing a service report and Annual Certificate of Servicing is
The requirement for servicing is usually part of the terms and conditions of your Insurance
policy, as well as being required by the Fire Officer. Ensuring your fire alarm system is
maintained regularly is the best way to ensure that safety is maintained across the premises
and compliance with current fire safety legislation. We carry out regular contracted testing,
inspection and repairs to all types of fire detection and alarm systems.

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